Pallet Pools Project


Having a pool house is part of many people’s dreams. But if you want to get away from traditional models, a good alternative is the pool of pallets.

The pallet is a super versatile material that yields incredible ideas ranging from furniture to even the pool structure. And if you want to see ideas of pallet pools and how to use the wooden platform in the composition of the leisure area, let’s go to the post.

Photos And Ideas For Pallets Pools


pallet pool

When it comes to pallet pools, there are plenty of ideas to reuse wooden bases for making pools. That are creative and cheap, and a simple choice is this rectangular model.

In the design, the pool sits on the wooden deck made from pallets. The pool structure was all made of wood and with tarpaulins. The design of the pool still includes a hole to fit the umbrella and shade into the pool.

pallet pool

Another idea of simple pallet pool is this octagonal model.

The pool sits on the floor and uses pallets to shape the design. The wooden structure around the pool is visible and leaves high the idea of reusing the wooden bases to build a swimming pool at home.

pallet pool

Among so many ideas of projects to make pools of simple pallets, the proposal here is a model where the fiber base was embedded in the garden and won the sides of pallets.

The wood material coats the sides to leave the look with a touch more natural and perfect to integrate the garden.

pallet pool

The simple pool can also have a more rustic look, as in this proposal where the model is from a small pool.

The model made from checkered canvas has the sides made of pallet wood, and the worn look of the wood is the charm to the pool, which gains a rustic style in the middle of the garden.

pallet pool

pallet pool

Square / Rectangle

pallet pool

Pallet pool models can vary greatly, and a very simple option to build is the square pool, as this project shows.

The model was made in the style above the ground, and has the sides of pallets, forming the structure of the pool. The fill was made with blue canvas, which allows the pool to be filled.

Another detail is the stairway that gives access to the pool, also made of pallets and lined with artificial grass.

pallet pool

If the idea is to make a smaller model, it is worth inspiring in this project of the square and small pool.

The model has side pallets and the interior is coated with resistant plastic.

In this case, the project is more elaborate and has pump and pipelines to fill the small pool, which doubles as a hot tub in the garden.

pallet pool

Pallet pool ideas vary greatly, and for those who are considering a rectangular model, this design is perfect!

The proposal brings a raised pool with the structure of pallets and ladder also of the material.

Among the ideas, the design includes a door in the structure. Which is perfect to leave the pump or even a means of draining the pool water

And for those who like creative ideas. The proposal here is to use the pallets stacked forming a structure with a deck around the pool.

The model is shallow and made from canvas. And is perfect for anyone who wants to invest in cheap pallet pool models.

pallet pool pallet pool


pallet pool

The pool of pallets besides creative can still have a modern look and quite cozy for the leisure area. As the project shows.

At the idea, the riding pool was used on the ground and pallet structures reinforce the sides of the pool. To finish, the idea was to use bamboo mat around the pool.

A detail that leaves the project very modern is the bar of the pallet that is conjugated to the pool. The pallet base forms a small poolside bar. Which has umbrella and stools, making the result even more attractive.

pallet pool

This is another idea where the riding pool was used as the basis of the project. In the proposal, the pool gained reinforcement with pallets and was covered with mats. Which give finishing to the leisure spice.

To access the pool that is elevated, a platform with pallet ladder was made next to the pool and guarantees access to the site.

Ideas are not lacking for pallet pools, and among the proposals. The suggestion here is to make a rest area with a small pool, wooden deck, and pergola.

The round pool sits on the ground, and the wooden pallet structure forms a deck around the pool.

The project also has a pergola over the pool, which maintains the rustic and modern look of the project.

With Deck

pallet pool

For those who have the little pool to assemble at home, a good proposal is to transform the item and build a leisure area with pool pallets.

As an idea, this project used around mount pool that gained wood structure around, forming a deck around the pool.

The deck has been lined with pallets, and to access the pool that is elevated, the deck has a few steps.

pallet pool

By varying the pallet pool ideas a bit, the proposal here was to use the wooden base to build a deck around the pool.

The wood was nailed side by side and treated to become more resistant since they are in full contact with water.

The result is super charming and the wooden deck is cheaper than the traditional models and with the advantage of still abusing the ideas of re-utilization.

pallet pool

Among the varied ideas of pallet pools, the proposal here brings a model of the raised deck with pool above the ground.

The small round pool is in the center of the raised pallet structure. The deck still extends one level below and creates a play area with wooden deck, which is conducive to setting tables and chairs.

pallet poolpallet pool pallet pool


How to Make a Pallet Pool: Step by Step

If the dream of a house with swimming pool seems distant, the pools of pallets leave the dream much closer to becoming a reality.

“And the good news is that you can get your hands on the job and make a DIY project to build your own pool quickly and economically.

.Put a sturdy canvas underneath where the pool will be mounted; Go putting pallets side by side and preaching, so as to form a structure in octagon format;
.Put a sturdy canvas inside the frame and attach the canvas with high-power fastening ribbons;
.Leave the structure firm. Make a border with wood pallet and magazine the material with beach mat. Lastly, just fill the pool.

pallet pool

Now it’s time to take advantage of ideas to have a pool at home.