Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Ever In Luxuryideas


Your kitchen cabinets set the stage for the styling and look of your kitchen, as well as how well arranged your kitchen requirements are. But the latest in kitchen cabinet ideas and design trends can be difficult since certain movement look dated after several years.

Replacing your kitchen cabinets are a big investment, so making the right choice is key to enjoying a beautiful up-to-date kitchen for many years. We looked at the latest kitchen cabinet ideas and figure out function, beauty and if the trend has the possible to be fresh but timeless. Here are our favorite eight kitchen cabinet ideas that are classics and will be on trend for years.

1. Color Kitchen Cabinets

Light Grey Painted Cabinets

For a modern kitchen, pass on traditional cabinets in the darker blacken wood tones and go with color. Color cabinets are a great way to add charm to a kitchen. The best part is that certainly painted cabinets can be repainted as needed without having to replace them. Today’s undecided colors make a big, modern yet classic statement like:


2. Textured Kitchen Cabinets

Two Toned Texture

Wood will always be a highly needed after kitchen cabinet material. For a fresh update to wood cabinets, consider colorful woods that have striped grain to them. The decoration will add texture and visual interest to your cabinetry.

3. High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Red Gloss

Add high gloss to your list of kitchen cabinet ideas. They’re easy to keep clean using a soft, wet needle, improve color and wood piece by separating the tones and brighten the kitchen, thanks to their reflective surface.

4. Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

A Gallery Kitchen

Avoid the builder grade cabinet look by getting creative with your cabinet choices. Go with a two-tone effect in your kitchen by selecting one of two access to get the look:

High and low two-tone effect. Use one color on your lower cabinets and a different color on your upper cabinets. To create a fresh, lasting look, stick to correlative colors. If you find that you’re color challenged, use a deeper, richer shade on the lower cabinets, and a much lighter shade of the same color or white for the top cabinets.

Actual two tones. contrary to mixing and matching color cabinets, select cabinets that have a two-tone look to them. Careful with choosing cabinets in a copying two-tone effect, they may look too busy. Our favorite, modern look that will bear the test of time involves two-tone cabinets that are one color for the actual cabinets and doors, with a second color around the exterior frame.

5. Rustic Modern Kitchen Cabinets

On-Trend Rustic

For some unique, high-design kitchen cabinet ideas, look for rural kitchen cabinets. The contact of rustic cabinetry with the latest appliances and modern respond and touches creates a warm and inviting, modern kitchen space.

6. Whitewashed Wood Kitchen Cabinets

White Washed

Whitewashed wood has been making the rounds at the top European kitchen design shows for years. The effect brightens the color of the wood grain and adds a high end look to your wood cabinets all while looking fresh and modern today and in ten years.

7. Floating Kitchen Cabinets

A Small, Bright Space

The modern effect of floating or hanging cabinets makes a kitchen space memorable. Floating lower cabinets showcase your flooring while opening the space up. The look is surprisingly functional and comfortable since a cabinet’s storage area near the floor is much hard to access or difficult to use for those with back problems. To showcase floating cabinets, add lighting below them to cast a contemporary passion and glow.

8. Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

Green Kitchen Cabinets

Going green is here to stay. And nothing says green like solid, low-VOC bamboo cabinets. Because bamboo grows so quickly, installing bamboo cabinets means less cutting of the environment. Look for high quality, solid bamboo cabinets. Bamboo is harder than Oak. Your bamboo cabinets will look as good as new for years to come.