Crochet and Footstep Curtain


See our selection with crochet curtains for kitchen, living room, bathrooms, bedroom, doors, and balconies.

The crochet is an old and charming art, resulting in beautiful pieces, with some details that can compose with the environment. The crochet curtain is far from reducing the natural light of the space. Due to its method of sewing, but its main function is the decorative one. Crochet preference is much higher than most curtains.

There are several models of crochet curtains from the simplest to the ones with designs that give a thematic air to space. Larger parts are not always made from the traditional (manual) method and are sometimes run by machines. Even so, the result looks beautiful and charming!

The curtain finish will depend on the string that will be used. This will depend on the proposal and the size because for some pieces it is necessary to choose thin and delicate strings. This is the hardest part of the job, depending on how fragile it may get during the production process.

Crochet curtains combine with classic, rustic and delicate environments. In the kitchen she has an inspiring air in the bathroom as a way to hide that small window; in the bedroom, in the farmhouse or even in the living room with cool air. Anyway, there are countless possibilities. Despite the high technology we find today, we do not recommend using crochet curtains if you want a super modern environment.

Models of crochet curtains

Choosing an exact template for your environment may not be such a simple task. To make the right choice, the best option is to compare models and get inspired with photos, graphics, and videos. That’s why we’ve selected the best crochet curtains for you to check out. Here’s how you can use them in environments:

Crochet curtain for kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most recommended environments and used to house a crocheted curtain. This is a way to value the decor with a simpler option. In the window, the curtain can benefit in controlling the lighting of the sun, lowering the general temperature of the environment and protecting home appliances and furniture from the sun’s rays. It is also possible to use it in place of the kitchen door, giving a smooth integration between two environments. Here are some interesting models of crochet curtains in kitchens:

Another interesting model to put in the kitchen window Classic crochet curtain for the kitchen Crochet curtain for kitchen Crochet curtain to cover the entire kitchen window Crochet curtain with colored balls Crochet curtain with differentiated stitches Crochet curtain with wooden rod Crochet embroidered curtain to put on the top of the window Curtain of modern crochet Curtain with soft color to put in the kitchen window Interesting combination of the crochet of the towel with the one of the curtain. Details for embroidery in green color Kitchen window with embroidered curtain Kitchen window with small curtain Model with roses for kitchen window Modern style for the kitchen window top Small curtain embroidered for the kitchen window Small curtain embroidered to put on the kitchen window

Crochet curtain for bedroom

In the bedroom, we recommend combining the crochet with other materials, so it is possible to have more than one solution to block the lighting: a softer and a more aggressive. Crochet combines well with more rustic environments. If this is your case, the curtain should fit the proposal well.

Crochet curtain composing with fabric curtain Crochet curtain for clean room

Crochet curtain for bathroom

The crochet curtain fits well with toilets and toilets, in windows that are not near the stall. Try to keep the curtain away from moisture so it will not absorb it and do not embolus. In this case, the curtain is ideal for small windows and can be applied in different ways. Check out some references:

Bathroom window corner with products and curtain in the background Creative crochet curtain with several combined prints Crochet curtain attached by rings Crochet curtain for bathroom Crochet curtain in bathroom. Crochet curtain with border detail Curtain holder detail for use in the bathroom Curtain to cover the top of the bathroom window In this proposal, the crochet curtain was fixed to the window with a visual effect on the diagonal. Ideal for those who want to make a partial block. In this proposal, the curtain totally blocks the most sensitive part of the bathroom window. At the top it allows a greater illumination input Simple crochet curtain for the bathroom Small triangular curtain for bathroom window The curtain can also be used to conceal a little corner or a small shelf

Crochet curtain for door, aisle, and balcony

In addition to the traditional environments, crochet curtains are also used in balconies, corridors and even indoors. Here are some examples:

Beautiful curtain to use at the door Crochet curtain for balconies and balconies Crochet curtain serving as a partition Curtain for use on the porch of the house

Colorful crochet curtain

Color curtain models can bring more joy and playfulness to a neutral environment. Here are some examples:

Colorful crochet curtain with sunflower flowers Crochet curtain with colored details Crochet curtain with drawings of colorful flowers Curtain with green crochet on the side Multicolored crochet curtain

Room crochet curtain

Having a curtain in the room is essential to partially block external lighting and leave the environment more cozy for a living, watching TV or even for reading or using digital devices. In addition to the traditional points, you can use different illustrations to compose with a longer curtain model. Colors are also welcome if the environment has more neutral colors. Try to abuse your creativity to find a differentiated solution. Here are some examples

Another classic curtain in the Russian style Another option is to have a fabric curtain with crochet details Beautiful crochet curtain in room with more rustic decoration Beautiful curtain embroidered with drawings of nature Beautiful curtain with perpendiculars in the center Classic curtain with drawings of angels Crochet curtain for living room Crochet curtain with details for the living room window Crochet curtain with modern bar Crochet fine curtain for living room Curtain elaborated in the room that separates the two environments Curtain of crochet thicker Example of a large curtain to use in the living room with a desk